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Keihan Railway Iwashimizu‐hachimangu Station


From Cable-hachimangu-guchi Station. to Cable-hachimangu-sanjo Station.

1Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine

In 2016, ten buildings at Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine, including the Main Hall, were designated as National Treasures. Since its establishment as a sacred place of Shinto-Buddhism syncretism in 859, Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine has been venerated as a shrine dedicated to a guardian deity for the nation. Located at the top of Mt. Otokoyama, abundant in natural features, the shrine together with its precincts is not only a pilgrimage destination but also a place to enjoy strolling around. Many must-see spots are here, including a shrine building constructed by order of Tokugawa Iemitsu, and a lookout.

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  • Otokoyama lookout

  • Iwashimizu-sha / Remains of Takimoto-bo Temple

  • Monument to Edison

  • Prayers in the Main Hall

    Visitors can offer prayers in the Main Hall at 11 am and 2 pm every day.

▼On foot About 15 min (about 1km)

descending through the Omotesando (main approach)

2Kora-jinja Shrine and Ango-bashi Bridge

Kora-jinja Shrine is mentioned in an episode in Yoshida Kenko’s Tsurezuregusa, where a priest of Ninna-ji Temple visits the shrine and other places, mistaking them for Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine. Ango-bashi Bridge serves as the venue for Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine’s Hojoe Festival held in September every year.

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▼On foot About 5 min (about 400m)

▼by Keihan BusAbout 10 min (about 3.5km)

from Keihan Yawata Station to Oshiba Shokado-mae Station

3Kyoto Kitcho Shokado branch
Recommended by test visitors!

Making reservations is recommended if you wish to enjoy a beautiful garden while savoring delicious dishes in spring or fall.

Yuki Teiichi, founder of the Japanese restaurant Kitcho, invented the Shokado Bento (boxed lunch) inspired by Shokado Shojo, a priest of Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine. You can enjoy a specialty Shokado Bento to your heart’s content at its birthplace.

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▼On foot

Moving around the site

4Shokado Garden and Shokado Art Museum

The museum shop is also a must-visit place! It offers a wide variety of goods, including Yawata-grown original matcha, tea utensils, and Yawata’s specialty sweets.

Shokado Garden, with an area of about 22,000 ㎡, is home to the priest Shokado Shojo’s Shokado cottage and Izumi-bo Temple’s Shoin building relocated from Iwashimizu‐Hachimangu Shrine. With a tea hut modeled after Kan’unken, the “tea hut in the air,” the garden features beautiful seasonal scenery. The art museum’s exhibits include those about Shojo, who loved calligraphy, painting, and the tea ceremony.

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▼by Keihan BusAbout 10 min (about 3.5km)

from Oshiba Shokado-mae Station to Keihan Yawata Station

▼On foot About 2 min (about 150m)

5Yawata Hashiriimochi Roho
Recommended by test visitors!

Original shaved ice is very popular here in summer! This confectionery is also recommended as a place to buy souvenirs and gifts.

This confectionery’s specialty is Hashiriimochi, Yawata’s staple sweet. It is rice cake made with the Habutae variety of rice, wrapped around smooth sweet paste of adzuki beans grown in Hokkaido. Its mild sweet flavor attracts many repeat customers.

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▼On foot About 2 min (about 150m)


Keihan Railway Iwashimizu‐hachimangu Station

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